Boston Design Academy students interacting with a robot at MassRobotics.

Boston Design Academy provides Boston Public School students the opportunity to explore potential career pathways while developing their knowledge and skills of design through project-based learning by collaborating with the individuals and companies that drive Boston’s innovation economy.

Simply put: Our Design. Our Future.


This class made me realize that the world is changing… this program gave me a chance to explore something I never had a chance to do. It made me feel proud of myself, because I never imagined doing anything like this.
– Sarah C.
This class helped build self-esteem. It showed us we have to be confident in our work—to be confident in ourselves and not to be ashamed or shy about what you have. It made engineering fun.
– Afra A.
This program helped me feel powerful like I was a part of the world, and I could make a change and a difference. I got to explore a different side of me that I didn’t know I had.
– Velvelina M.

Project Highlight