BDA project “Divergent” article in Boston Herald

From the Boston Herald’s article “Design program an opportunity for students to expand horizons”:

Hallie Dubuisson, 16, of Roxbury, Ashanti Tejada, 15, of Mattapan and Eliza Daniel, 16, of Dorchester hadn’t met as students at TechBoston but the three quickly grouped up to create what they call “Divergent” — a high-tech ring that connects to a contact lens with a holographic view. When you speak into the ring, it can pull up directions you can see in the contacts.

“I feel like I’ve learned so many things,” said Dubuisson. “This was a good opportunity for me to expand my horizons.”

“I like that we are able to design what we want,” said Daniel. “I like to do art and design. It’s the career pathway I want. I want to be an animator or fashion designer.”

You can learn more about Divergent on its project page.